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SE:UM Korean music Jazz Vancouver Se:um
SE:UM Korean music Jazz Vancouver


Korean Music Fusion Jazz in Vancouver

Vancouver Chinese Music Ensemble Guests

Se:um Korean Music Fusion Jazz in Vancouver 2024

SE:UM Korean music Jazz Vancouver Se:um

East of the Sun

Prepare to be enthralled by SE:UM, a Korean music ensemble making their much-anticipated Vancouver debut in a concert called East of the Sun. They are a renowned Korean ensemble that masterfully combines traditional Korean folk melodies with shamanistic rhythms, creating a sound that transcends borders.

Sharing the stage is the 2023 Westcoast Music Awards Instrumental Artist of the Year, Jasmine Jazz. This unique ensemble blends traditional Chinese instruments with the vibrant rhythms of contemporary jazz. The result is a mesmerizing east-meets-west experience, with a repertoire that seamlessly weaves together jazz standards, traditional Chinese folk music, and innovative original compositions.

Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to witness the fusion of Korean and Chinese music with Western jazz. A night that promises not only a cultural celebration but an exploration of beautiful harmonies and memorable musical dialogues.

Book your tickets now and be a part of this transcendent musical experience!

Se:um Biography 

Step into the unique world of SE:UM, a fusion of jazz and Korean traditional virtuosos who united through the pulsating beats of ancient folk tunes and shamanistic rhythms. Led by Joon Lee, recipient of the esteemed 2023 KBS Korean Traditional Music Award for his mastery of the Gayageum, this quintet is a powerhouse ensemble.

Joining forces with saxophonist Hachul Song, trumpeter Jongsang Park, bassist Jaeha Lee, and traditional percussionist Minhyeong Lee, this eclectic quintet is known for their boundary-breaking music. Through years of collaboration, they've harmonized their individual styles, dismantling barriers between genres to craft a unique musical tapestry.

SE:UM's meteoric rise began with their debut album, earning nominations for Best Crossover Album and Best Jazz & Crossover Performance at the Korea Music Awards in 2015. Recognized as a Choice Artist by prominent international performing arts markets like PAMS and APaMM, their captivating stage presence enchanted audiences at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, earning an outstanding five-star review. Venturing across continents, SE:UM has broken musical barriers, diving into diverse collaborations that redefine innovation in music.

Launching into their latest tour, SE:UM presents "Korean Breath: Ten Thousand Waves," a sonic adventure echoing the vibe of their latest album. Amidst the turbulence of the COVID-19 pandemic, they crafted this album, drawing inspiration from the mythical Korean folktale of the bamboo pipe that saved a world in peril.

Se:um Musicians:
Joon Lee (gayageum, Korean percussion, music director) Jaeha Lee (contrabass & electric bass) Jongsang Park (trumpet, flugelhorn) Minhyung Lee (Korean percussion, voice) Hachul Song (alto & soprano saxophones)

SE:UM Korean music Jazz Vancouver
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