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Jasmine Jazz

A Blend of Asian Jazz Fusion and Western Contemporary Jazz

Have you ever heard Jazz played on ancient Chinese instruments?

Jasmine Jazz is a fusion jazz group based out of Vancouver.  They seamlessly merge traditional Chinese folk melodies with contemporary jazz, crafting a mesmerizing sonic tapestry that is quite unique. 

They started as a series of experimental performances at the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Chinese Classical Garden that included blending different styles of performance with Chinese music. Over the course of several shows, Jasmine Jazz came up with a repertoire that epitomizes the fusion of Eastern and Western musical traditions.


Jasmine Jazz Vancouver

“On our first rehearsal, the Jazz musicians have not worked with Chinese musicians, and to hear them improvise, and dive in was so bold and so passionate. It was exciting right out of the gate.”

-James Danderfer (Clarinet, Jodi Proznick Trio)

The musicians consist of members from the Vancouver Chinese Music Ensemble, who are all trained masters of their traditional instruments as well as the Jodi Proznick Trio

James Danderfer_scopo photography_hires_web.jpg
Jirong Huang_scopoedit_purple_web.jpg
Jasmine Jazz Vancouver Bill Coon

Jodi Proznick (bass)

James Danderfer (clarinet/bass clarinet)
Tristan Paxton (guitar)
Jirong Huang (erhu)  
Zhongxi Wu (suona/sheng)
Sarah Yusha Tan (guzheng)

with guest artist Liam MacDonald, percussion

Jodi is a three time Juno-nominated bassist, producer and composer who writes music for Jasmine Jazz. The 2023 recording of Jasmine Jazz features tracks such as "Little Sunflower," "Anhui," and "Jasmine Flower," each blending the soulful essence of jazz with the vibrant rhythms of Chinese music. This album not only showcases the Ensemble's exceptional talent but also underscores their dedication to pushing the boundaries of musical expression.

The Jasmine Jazz (2023) album is the recipient of the prestigious Instrumental Artist of the Year award at the 2023 BreakOut West. It was recognized as a beacon of innovation in Western Canada's instrumental music landscape. This collaboration between the Vancouver Chinese Music Ensemble and the Jodi Proznick Jazz Trio has not only received critical acclaim but also ushered in a new era of musical fusion.

Check out Jodi's and Jame's new compositions for Jasmine Jazz!

Jasmine Jazz Vancouver
Coy fish

East of the Sun

New compositions for Jasmine Jazz premiered at East of the Sun May 4th at the Annex Theatre.

Encounters by James Danderfer

No Right Turn" is a new composition written by Jodi Proznick. She used a crazy time signature creating an off-kilter feeling. It explores the idea of questioning what is right and the radical acceptance of what is, leaning into it's limitations.

"Writing for Chinese instruments presents challenges with limited scales but offers polyrhythmic opportunities. It's not just a problem; it's an opportunity, mirroring life's complexities." - Jodi Proznick

Jasmine Jazz Zhongxi and Jirong Huang

Fan Testimonials: Rave Reviews from Our Audience

“I heard Jasmine Jazz perform at the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden last February and I didn’t know I could feel so seen as a Chinese Canadian. Unique arrangements, homage to tradition, and literally the best musicians of these instruments. Zhongxi Wu is a fourth-generation suona player - what craft have you carried forward from your great-grandparents?! Seriously so cool. Regardless of your background, if you’re a fan of different musical traditions, go go go!"

- Andrea Wong

Jasmine Jazz Vancouver
Jasmine Jazz Vancouver Sarah Tan
Jasmine Jazz Breakoutwest Award
jasmine jazz album
Award Winning Music:
Jasmine Jazz wins BreakOut West
Instrumental Artist of the Year 2023


East of the Sun Jasmine Jazz

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