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Remembering Colleen Lanki and her Legacy

Bridging East and West through Noh and Nihon Buyoh Dance

It is with heavy hearts that we share the news of the passing of Colleen Lanki (1965-2023), a Vancouver-based nihon buyoh dancer and noh theatre performer, choreographer, educator, and artistic director of TomoeArts.

Colleen's contributions to the world of theatre and dance were immense, and her dedication to bridging the gap between Eastern and Western cultures will always be remembered.

In her final work, Colleen collaborated with the Vancouver Chinese Music Ensemble to create a stunning dance video set to the Tang-dynasty piece, Goshōraku 五常楽 (Wuch angyue 五常樂).

The music was reconstructed by Professor Steven Nelson from Hosei University based on early Heian-period musical notations, and the video was edited by Yasu Okada. The result is a breathtaking tribute to Colleen's talent and creativity.

With the support of the BC Arts Council and the Canada Arts Council , the Vancouver Chinese Instrumental Music Society presents: A Fractal Exploration of Chinese Music by Alan Lau 2022.

As a pioneer in the field of nihon buyoh and noh theatre, Colleen's performances were known for their elegance, grace, and beauty. She was a trained dancer in both traditional and contemporary styles, and her unique blend of Eastern and Western influences was evident in her choreography. Colleen was also a dedicated educator, spending many years teaching and mentoring young dancers.

Through her work, Colleen's legacy will continue to inspire and enrich the world of theatre and dance. She will be remembered as a true pioneer in the field of nihon buyoh and noh theatre and as a bridge between Eastern and Western cultures. We extend our deepest sympathies to Colleen's family, friends, and colleagues. For more on her work visit her website and read her obituary


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