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In celebration of Asian Heritage Month, the Vancouver Chinese Music Ensemble presents "Spring Breeze" , a concert featuring a flow through new compositions at the Vancouver Chinese Garden.

Spring Breeze

May 14, 2023 2pm Dr Sun Yat Sen Chinese Classical Garden Tickets at Eventbrite _____________________________________________________________________________

Vancouver Chinese Music Ensemble Musicians:

Jirong Huang erhu 

Guilian Liu pipa  

Sarah Yusha Tan guzheng

Zhi Min Yu ruan   Allen Zhou cello 

Zhongxi Yu sheng & suona

Composers: Yong Sun dizi

Michael O'Neill pipes Alan Lau keyboard

With guest artists:

Emily M Cheung soprano 

A Spring Breeze gently flows through the blossoms at the Vancouver Chinese Garden where we will be celebrating Asian Heritage Month in a concert of beginnings and resurgence.

With the new season, brings new life and new innovative music. We will be premiering compositions for the Chinese flute (dizi) by Yong Sun, Turkish Rug for a Log Cabin by Michael O'Neill, as well as performing Alan Lau's Future in Past II project.

It will be a refreshing program performed by the Vancouver Chinese Music Ensemble. Our musicians are a group of highly acclaimed professionals who specialize in traditional and contemporary Chinese music. They are known for their virtuosic playing, exquisite arrangements, and unique blend of Chinese and Western musical styles. Check out our concert program.

This concert will take place within the Chinese garden with spring in full bloom, providing a picturesque backdrop for the musical experience. Audiences can expect a captivating and memorable performance that showcases the best of traditional and contemporary music.

A little about the composers: Yong Sun, who is making a comeback after several years on haitus, is a renowned dizi player that has performed around the world. His latest recordings feature a selection of traditional and contemporary Chinese music that will be performed at the show. Read more>

Michael O'Neill is an innovative Canadian composer who has written new music for the ensemble. His composition is a fusion of Chinese and Western musical styles featuring soprano vocalist Emily M Cheung, who is sure to delight audiences with her captivating sound. Read more>

And finally, we will be presenting work by Alan Lau who is our composer-in-residence. His compositions are known for their intricate melodies, evocative harmonies, and dynamic rhythms.

Read more>

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