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Yong Sun 

Composer & Master of the Dizi

Vancouver Chinese Music Ensemble

Biography - Yong Sun

Yong Sun, a co-founder of the Vancouver Chinese Music Ensemble, is making a comeback after a hiatus. His new music will be showcased in a live concert on May 14, 2023 in Vancouver. Yong Sun's compositions blend traditional Chinese music with contemporary sounds and techniques, creating a unique and captivating listening experience.


For those who can't wait until the concert, his music can be found on his YouTube channel, providing a glimpse into his musical prowess and diversity. With Yong Sun's return, fans of Chinese music have something exciting to look forward to.

Yong Sun is an acclaimed composer, performer, and co-founder of the Vancouver Chinese Music Ensemble. With a musical journey that began at a tender age, Yong honed his skills at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, specializing in the dizi (Chinese flute).

Yong is also a well-respected dizi performer, particularly in the world of Chinese music. He is an accomplished musician on both Dizi (bamboo flute) and western concert flute. His extensive training includes studying dizi with Mr. Li Xue Quan, an international gold medalist performer in 1984. He went to the Boston Conservatory to study flute, where he was awarded a Bachelor of Music Degree with honors and won the second prize in the Boston Pappoutsakis flute competition in 1988. Later, he earned a Master of Music Degree (with Fellowship and TA) and a Bachelor of Music Education Degree from UBC in Canada. 

With his exceptional talent and diverse musical repertoire, Yong Sun continues to captivate music lovers worldwide. If you are looking to add an authentic touch of Chinese music to your project, Yong Sun Dizi is the go-to composer. 

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