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Chinese Musical Instruments Workshop

Vancouver Chinese Music Ensemble presents an Chinese instrumental workshop for composers

Chinese Musical Instruments Workshop

Workshop for Compositions on Chinese Instruments

Saturday, November 15 2014, 2:00pm

Chinese Cultural Centre Museum | 555 Columbia Street, Vancouver BC V6A 4H5

All welcome. Entrance by donation. Register at Eventbrite.

The Chinese Musical Instruments Workshop is primarily designed to provide composers with the tools necessary to write effectively for the ensemble. The characteristics of each instrument will be introduced as well as the techniques required to play them.

The composer Alan Lau’s presentation will be followed by the VCME’s music director Jirong Huang’s demonstration of bowed string instruments (erhu, gaohu, zhonghu and banhu). Among other exceptional musicians who will share their knowledge and skills at the workshop: Ling Yang (Chinese lute; pipa), Zhi Min Yu (plucked string instruments; zhongruan and daruan), Sarah Tan (Chinese zither; guzheng) and Zhongxi Wu (wind instruments; suona, sheng and guanzi).

Formed in 1989, the Vancouver Chinese Music Ensemble is the first professional Chinese music organization established in Canada. The Ensemble consists of highly accomplished instrumentalists who combine technical mastery with a passionate approach to music. Based in Vancouver, BC, they continue to inspire contemporary compositions and interdisciplinary projects for Chinese instruments in Canada.

Founded in 1973 with the support of the government and of 53 community organizations along with that of many enthusiastic individuals, the Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Vancouver promotes understanding and friendship between the Chinese community and other cultural groups in Canada through arts and culture.

The presenters gratefully acknowledge the support of Canada Council for the Arts, the City of Vancouver and Government of British Columbia through Direct Access to Charitable Gaming.

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