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Taps and Twang - Strumming Drumming and Tap Dance

Vancouver Chinese Instrumental Music Society and Dr. Sun Yat Sen Chinese Garden Presents

Taps and Twang

– Strumming, Drumming, and Tapping: an intercultural Jam Session –

Saturday, May 26 2012, 7:30 pm Doors open at 7pm Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden


Banjo – Nick Hornbuckle Sanxian – Qing Chang Tap Dance – Danny Nielson

Erhu – Jirong Huang Guitar – John Oliver Percussion – Bruce Henzcel

Taps and Twang will bring together the sounds of ethnic traditional music fused with rhythmic dance. Audiences will experience the influences of old-time bluegrass from Nick Hornbuckle on banjo, classical Chinese sounds from Qing Chang on Chinese banjo and the unique style of tap dance from

Danny Nielson accompanied by the ensemble on erhu, guitar and percussion.

Our eclectic group will be drawing inspiration from social networking and viral ideas to create new music. The performance is a response to a clip of influential international artist Agatsuma Hiromitsu

Contributing to the vast collection of instrumental works disseminated on the web, the ensemble continues the dialectical nature of online artistic collaboration.

The performers will demonstrate their mastered skills with solo performances to highlight their artistry and then present selected pieces in various unconventional arrangements. They will take time to display experimental innovations that occur during rehearsal and conclude the evening with a new piece. This tune will be the result of the creative opportunistic provided by our concert programming and will be a joint effort by the entire ensemble.

An intercultural jam session Taps and Twang is a collaborative presentation by the Vancouver Chinese Instrumental Music Society and the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Chinese Garden, aspiring to enrich Vancouver with vitality through events that showcase the beauty of diversity and intertwined stylistic identities.

Formed in 1989, the Vancouver Chinese Music Ensemble is the first professional Chinese Instrumental music group established in Canada. Our versatile group embraces the popular and the traditional music of China as well as western classical and contemporary fine art performed with Chinese instruments. Our approach is transformative in nature as each project incorporates innovative collaborations between our ensemble and artists contributing to this creative milieu. New music is created from our eclectic arrangements presenting Chinese instruments in a new light with each performance.

We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts and the City of Vancouver




2012年5月26日(星期六)7時半 中山公園 | 578 Carrall Street 票價: 成人$15 / 學生, 耆英 $10

購票電話|604 662 3207| 或於當日在表演場所購買 查詢604 683 8240|



班卓琴﹕Nick Hornbuckle 踢踏舞:Danny Neilson

二胡、藝術總監﹕黃繼榮 吉他﹕John Oliver 打擊樂﹕Bruce Henczel 主持: 王健教授

傳統的彈撥弦樂和現代舞蹈節奏的鞋底聲將巧妙地融合一體?信不信由你!在5月26日溫哥華中華樂團與中山公園合辦的世界民族音樂系列《踢踏铮铮》音樂會上,聽眾們將體驗到由班卓琴演奏家Nick Hornbuckle的早期藍草音樂、三弦演奏家常青的中國傳統和現代風格表演、Nick Hornbuckle獨特風格的踢踏舞以及另外三位演奏高手有二胡黃繼榮,吉他John Oliver和打擊樂Bruce Henczel的助陣,將匯集成從所未有的嶄新效果。在這次音樂會上,常青將首演一首自編的專為配上踢踏舞的新曲並用站立的方式演奏三弦,藝術總監黃繼榮則新編一首且有江南風味和藍草音樂以及踢踏舞節奏相結合的輕松曲調。節目主持將由著名語言學家王健教授(Dr. Jan Walls)擔任。 ­


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