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A concert with the Vancouver Chinese Music Ensemble featuring the Vancouver Oriental Philharmonic Choir


Vancouver Chinese Music Ensemble


Vancouver Oriental Philharmonic Choir

Felice Women’s Choir

Grace Jong Eun Lee kayagum & piano

Kozue Matsumoto koto

Sarah Tan guzheng

Sunday, October 23, 2016, 7:30 pm The Annex (823 Seymour St.) Tickets $15 general, $10 seniors & students

Vancouver Chinese Music Ensemble (VCME) is joined by Vancouver Oriental Philharmonic Choir, Felice Women’s Choir, Grace Jong Eun Lee (kayagum & piano), Kozue Matsumoto (koto) and Sarah Tan (guzheng) for Sounds of Asia, the first concert of the 2016-17 season. The program will be presented by Dr. Jan Walls (MC) on Sunday, October 23 at the Annex.

Sounds of Asia brings together three masters of the zither: the Vancouver-based composer, educator and the master of kayagum (Korean zither) Grace Jong Eun Lee; the Los Angeles-based composer, improviser and the master of koto (Japanese zither) Kozue Matsumoto; and the long time VCME member, educator and the master of guzheng (Chinese zither) Sarah Tan. The instruments will be accompanied by the voices of the Vancouver Oriental Philharmonic Choir and Felice Women’s Choir. VCME members, Jirong Huang (erhu), Zhimin Yu (ruan), Zhongxi Wu (sheng) and the guest musician Timothy Stacey (bass) will perform on this special evening program.

Sounds of Asia will feature lovely folk melodies from China, Korea and Japan, mostly the new arrangements of well-known tunes, whether anonymous folk or more recent pieces by composers such as Kengyo Yoshizaki, Tadao Sawai, Chang Yuanwang and our very own Grace Jong Eun Lee.

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