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Discover Chinese Instruments

Getting to Know Chinese Folk Musical Instruments!

Discover Chinese Instruments

FAMILY SATURDAYS: Getting to Know Chinese Folk Musical Instruments!

The Chinatown Storytelling Centre

Saturday June 15, 11 am - 1pm

For kids and the curious, we invite you to get up close with a variety of Chinese folk instruments!

The talented musicians of Ginalina and the Vancouver Chinese Music Ensemble will host a lively performance and demonstration where youth of all ages can hold the instruments and try their hand at playing them.  Co-hosted by the Vancouver Chinese Instrumental Music Society.

Drop-in event, free with admission to the Chinatown Storytelling Centre. On Family Saturdays, all youth will be granted free admission (ages 17 and under). We kindly ask that youth ages 12 and under be supervised by an accompanying adult.

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