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Discover Chinese Instruments

Getting to know Chinese Folk Musical Instruments: Embarking on this cross-cultural journey with Ginalina and friends to celebrate the beauty of Canada’s diversity. This workshop is free for kids under 17 and will be presented at the Chinatown Storytelling Center. June 15, 11-1pm. Sign up for a spot.

Discover Chinese Instruments

With a playful storyteller as your tour guide, children will be invited to make a new friend, take a pretend mountain train ride and dance to the world-famous Jasmine Flower song!

FAMILY FOLK SONGS: Getting to Know Chinese Folk Musical Instruments!

The Chinatown Storytelling Centre

Sunday June 15, 11 am - 1pm

For kids and the curious, we invite you to get up close to discover Chinese folk instruments!

The Vancouver Chinese Music Ensemble and 2024 Juno-nominated singer Ginalina invites you on a cross-cultural adventure of songs and stories with the swirling sounds of ancient

Chinese instruments, erhu, suona and guzheng.

Sing-alongs will be shared, special instruments will beplucked, and new languages will be spoken.

Embark on this cross-cultural journey with Ginalina and friends to discover the beauty of Canada’s diversity. Through music, stories and language, children will not only be entertained but also gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of different cultures.

Drop-in event, free with admission to the Chinatown Storytelling Centre. All youth will be granted free admission (ages 17 and under). We kindly ask that youth ages 12 and under be supervised by an accompanying adult.


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